Fellowships and Scholarships

The University of Oxford has a number of scholarships available for students from India, and accepts a number of externally-funded scholarships. Externally- funded fellowships are also awarded for students and professionals from various streams giving them the Oxford experience. 

Selected India-related Research and Teaching


The Chevening Research, Science and Innovation Fellowship (CRISP)   -  Said Business School
The Chevening Research, Science and Innovation Fellowship is funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and is for mid-career professionals with very high potential in the fields of science, innovation, and business from India and Sri Lanka. This intensive ten-week programme is hosted by St Cross College at the University of Oxford.
CRISP focuses on: science policy  and economic impact; global challenges; innovation and entrepreneurship; leadership and personal development; politics & international relations, and business skills. The programme combines academic sessions, visits, group and individual projects, mentoring and debates with social and cultural activities.
Gurukul Chevening Fellowship


Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme (CSASP)  -   Oxford School of Global and Area Studies

CSASP administers the 12-month MSc in Modern South Asian and 21-month MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies courses (both of which are run in conjunction with the Faculty of Oriental Studies). Student on each of these courses will have the opportunity to engage with and be taught by scholars from both the Humanities and Social Science Divisions.

Oriental Studies  

MPhil in Classical Indian Religion - an intensive study of the rudiments of Sanskrit and regular classes in reading Sanskrit religious texts.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) 

Undergraduate students taking PPE can choose to study Politics in South Asia which has a strong focus on Indian Politics.

Institute of Biomedical Engineering

£1m Project PURAK collaboration with IISc Bangalore on affordable prostheses.



No clear current centre/network. Has a number of Indian academics and historic links with India. The College provided financial support for readerships in Indian Law from 1878 and currently hosts the Radhakrishnan Memorial Lectures (Indian Studies).

Green Templeton College

Hosts the Sanjaya Lall Visiting Professorship, which is associated with the Social Sciences Division, launched on 3rd June 2011. It honours Sanjaya Lall, who lectured at Oxford from 1965 - 2005, and was launched with a lecture by Nobel prize-winning economist Amartya Sen. It is currently held by Professor Kenneth Rogoff. Previous holders include Avinash Dixit, Abhijit Banarjee, Paul Krugman, Dani Rodrik and Robert Wade.


Oxford-India Centre for Sustainable Development - The Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development, based at Somerville College, advances India's sustainable development by bringing different academic disciplines and sectors together to carry out multidisciplinary research. Its scholarship programme is a key strand of this work, supporting talented Indian graduate students who would not otherwise be able to take up their pllaces at Oxford.

St Antony's

Proposed South Asia Centre - St Antony's as the key centre for area and international studies has its own particular links with South Asia and includes among its Fellows the Reader in Modern South Asian History (Faisal Devji).


SARC  -  Interdisciplinary South Asia Cluster - The South Asia Research Cluster at Wolfson has a strong association with the Contemporary South Asian Studies programme. It hosts a stream of International conferences, a contemporary South Asian film series, panels and round tables, book readings, debates and lectures from distinguished visiting scholars and figures in public life. From 2014 the college has hosted the Sarfaz Lecture on Pakistan, and an increasing range of activities from around the SARC region.


Oxford-India Health Research Network (OIHRN)


Oxford India Network in Theoretical Physical Sciences

Lead:  Subir Sarkar

What started as individual research links has developed into an Oxford-India network in theoretical physics that includes, among others, the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics in Kolkata and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai. 


Lead: Premjith Cheruvath - Robyn Norton

Informal network of established and emerging researchers and students engaged in or aiming to establish collaborations with health researchers and health research organisations in India. Supported by the George Institute for Global Health, the Nuffield Department of Population Health, and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering. Has established a database of potential funders, alerts members to funding opportunities and recently hosted its annual symposium for 2015 at Somerville College, Oxford along with the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development.

SCHOLARSHIPS  2020 - 2021

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