GCRF-IndOx Thematic Workshops - Oxford [28 February 2020]

  • Sustainable Development Goal 5 - Empowering Women and Girls [Lead applicants: Faisal Devji & Senthil Vasan; Amount: £1,500]
  • Heritage and enquiry-based learning in urban Primary schools in India [Lead applicants: Steven Puttick & Camillo Formigati; Amount: £1,500]


GCRF-IndOx Thematic Workshops - India

  • Green Amonia: Production and use in India [Lead applicants: Richard Nayak-Luke & Sugandha Srivastav. Amount: £9,200]
  • The Cancer Conntrol Continuum and India: developing a strategy to move forward [Lead applicants: Toral Gathani and Premila Webster. Amount: £15,000]
  • Sustainable development and reducing inequalities - an Interdisciplinary Initiative [Lead applicants: Faisal Devji & Premila Webster. Amount: £15,000]