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The Clay Sanskrit Library from Bodleian library is a series of some 60 volumes of Sanskrit-English parallel texts that brings together diverse classics from the corpus of Classical Sanskrit literature. 

The project on its second phase sets out to

  • Donate 50 complete sets of the Clay Sanskrit Library to academic and public libraries in North America, Europe and Asia for use in teaching and research. For more information, click here
  • Launch a website and range of Web 2.0 facilities promoting the collection and the importance of Sanskrit literature
  • Run Outreach projects with schools and practitioner communities to promote awareness of the collection and the relevance of Classical Indian literature to a modern audience
  • Run a series of workshops and masterclasses examining the texts and the work of translators
  • Hold a two-day academic conference with translators from the series presenting material on interesting aspects of the texts with which they worked

Clay Sanskrit Library

The Ashmolean museum is the oldest museum in the UK and houses a collection of art and antiquities dating back 4000 years. The Ashmolean has a distinguished collection of objects from the Indian subcontinent (modern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka), the most comprehensive of its kind in Britain outside London. 

Ashmolean collections on India

The South Asian Collection housed in the Library basement in the Oriental Institute caters essentially for students of Sanskrit in the Honour School and consequently shows greater strength in the classical periods of Indian history and culture, although efforts are made to maintain an adequate collection of grammars, manuals and dictionaries of the major modern languages of India.

Background Image credit- Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford