GCRF India-Oxford Initiative ODA thematic workshops call

The India-Oxford initiative (IndOx) is a cross-divisional platform at Oxford, promoting research and academic collaboration and exchanges between the Indian subcontinent and Oxford. IndOx has secured funding from the University to support three ODA relevant, multidisciplinary thematic workshops in Oxford. 

In partnership with the University’s internal Global Challenges Research Funds (GCRF) team, we are soliciting proposals from researchers from any Division of the University, to facilitate the organisation of ODA (Overseas Development Assistance) relevant, India (or countries in the subcontinent) focussed, multidisciplinary thematic workshops. Our aim is to fund workshops that will lay the foundation for future collaborative multi-disciplinary research funding applications to relevant internal and external funding bodies. This initial call seeks applications specifically for the organisation of workshops at Oxford; a later call will seek applications for the organisation of workshops in the Indian subcontinent. 

Funding is available as described below:

Oxford ODA workshops: 

Up to £1,500 each is available for the organisation of three ODA relevant, thematic workshops in Oxford. A successful proposal will be strictly ODA relevant, will be collaborative in nature, will be multidisciplinary, and will focus on the impact and benefits to the Indian sub-continent. Each application must be led by applicants from two different Divisions. These workshops are expected to ignite imagination, promote debate and discussion, and generate cross-cutting ideas for collaborative research in partnership with academics in the Indian subcontinent. Workshops are expected to be held on the morning of the 28th February 2020, to coincide with the official launch of IndOx at Oxford. 

For successful applicants, we will provide a venue for up to 20 participants at The Oxford Martin School. While the expectation is that successful applicants will be responsible for identifying and inviting workshop attendees, in order to ensure opportunities for participation by a wider multidisciplinary group, and to support evolution of new and emerging multi-disciplinary ideas and relationships, up to five places will need to be made available to participants to attend, based on an open invitation, after your application is funded. 

Upon successful completion of the workshops at Oxford and subject to a report from the lead applicants, we will make available, a total of £15,000 (approximately £5,000 for each workshop) to further develop identified ideas from the initial workshop. We anticipate that at least two separate research ideas will be identified for further development from each workshop, with the objective of proceeding to drafting collaborative research proposals. This money can be used for researchers’ travel to India or vice versa or for organising follow-up meetings or workshops. 

India ODA workshops: Applications for organising workshops in the Indian subcontinent will be sought through a separate call in late 2019 or early 2020.

Eligibility: This is an internal call for Oxford University researchers. 

How to apply: Applications are required to be submitted using IRAMS (use your Single Sign-On to access and apply via IRAMS) using the standard application form provided.

Deadline: Applications should be submitted on IRAMS (use your Single Sign-On to access and apply via IRAMS) by 10th December 2019.

Funding decisions: Successful applicants will be informed on 16th December 2019. 

Reporting: Successful applicants are required to submit a brief report following the completion of the activity.

Successful applicants are required to complete all proposed activities and spend any funds secured before 31 July 2020. No funds can be carried forward beyond this date.

Contact: Premjith Cheruvath or Nithya Ramadoss