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Funded by Leverhulme Trust International Network Grant, Global Nodes, Global Orders: Macro and Micro histories of Globalization project attempts to historicize and re-conceptualize globalization, bring the key disciplines together, and better understand its intimate mechanics and implications for the present. Led by James Belich from the University of Oxford, this project brings together leading scholars from the Oxford, Princeton, Osaka, Kolkata, Leiden and Konstanz.

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Sounds of South Asia is a collection of music from the Faculty of Music, which involves creating fusions or works created using South Asian pieces. Started as a DPhil project by Des Oliver, Sounds of South Asia evolved as a series which includes a performance of Classical Hindustani by an Indian Hindustani Vocalist in Oxford. Currently, Des Oliver is the curator of Sounds of South Asia series in the Faculty of Music.

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This project is run by the Faculty of Oriental Studies, over several years collaborating with scholars whose research work is focussed on South Asian region. South Asia in general is a wealth of sources for researchers to study and explore more about the culture, language and the evolution of traditions from ancient period to colonisation which in turn shaped the cultural changes in modern age. 

As its broad framework of enquiry, this project poses questions of social agency: of the roles of service communities with different skills and expertise in shaping South Asia’s political, commercial and cultural dynamism from the mid-sixteenth to the mid-eighteenth century. 

This project also facilitates to conduct collaborated workshops and publications between scholars involved. 

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