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The University's Medical Sciences Division and its associated departments conduct studies and researches concerning with health care systems in India. Apart from conducting research studies, the departments also have set up various centres and programmes which proves to be beneficial for people living in India. 

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Systematic Medical Appraisal, Reference and Treatment (SMART) Health is an ongoing project from The George Institute. This project aims at creating affordable and effective primary health care for patients at high risk of premature death or disability in rural communities. SMART Health provides the primary care workforce with a suite of smartphone-based applications that include a simple electronic health record, wireless point-of-care diagnostics and series of evidence-based algorithms for the management of patients with, or at high-risk of, premature death or disability. Initially rolled out for Australian rural parts, SMART health programme later extended its roots to Indian rural communities with support from The George Institute UK and Global Alliance for Chronic Disease. 

Taking this concept to the next step, The George Institute with Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health started working on SMARThealth Pregnancy programme. With the participation of community health workers, The George Institute intends to adapt the SMARThealth system for antenatal and postnatal care, and train community healthcare workers and primary care doctors to use the new SMARThealth Pregnancy system. The institute will then evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of the platform to support frontline healthcare workers to identify and manage the care of pregnant women at high risk of future heart disease, stroke and diabetes, and ensure their life-long health.

SMARThealth Pregnancy 


MaatHRI aims to create a large and diverse platform for academics and scientists to conduct large-scale epidemiological research to improve maternal and perinatal health in a setting with a high burden of mortality and morbidity. Studies that are critical to informing policies and planning to address new and emerging complications in pregnancy can be quickly and efficiently rolled out through MaatHRI. The resultant new and improved scientific evidence will help policy makers and clinicians in India and globally to develop guidance to improve pregnancy care. The collaborative platform will also be a training platform for students and early career researchers from the UK and India interested in developing skills in conducting research in maternal and perinatal health in a low-to-middle income country setting. MaatHRI could form the basis of many studies well in to the future. 


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