The India-Oxford Initiative

The India-Oxford Initiative is an exciting new mechanism for the university to share, promote, and build on its diverse range of collaborations and partnerships with India. It is a hub for students, academics, and administrative staff across the university – as well as external stakeholders, donors, and partners.

The Initiative is run by the India-Oxford Strategy Board (SB), a university-wide body, with representatives from all five divisions- Humanities; Mathematical Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS); Social Sciences; Medical Sciences Division; Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM), and key colleges with an interest in India.  It was set up in November 2018 in response to requests from academics to improve coordination and impact of our India-related work under the spirit of One Oxford.


Building and sustaining partnerships between India and Oxford, in India and Oxford.


Universities thrive when they work and partner internationally. As a global university, Oxford is always seeking to build on its international outlook to deliver world-leading research, innovation, and teaching. India is a strategic priority for the University of Oxford. We have a long history together and, through the India-Oxford Initiative, intend to build on the many partnerships we have and expand with many more. The India-Oxford Initiative acts as a hub for the entire ecosystem of academic activity within Oxford, and as a focal point for those wishing to partner with us. We drive and coordinate the University's focus on India.


Short-term, the Initiative will improve communication and coordination. The initial (2019/20) objectives of the India-Oxford Initiative are:

  • Secure seed funding to sustain the initiative for the long-term, supporting an administrative function;
  • Improve communication within Oxford, and to an external audience on existing India-related partnerships, activities, opportunities, and research; and
  • Hold an India-Oxford Summit in 2019 to launch the Initiative and lay the foundations for an expansion of partnerships and links between India and Oxford.

Medium-term, we will build on this to:

  • Coordinate major joint bids for research or teaching activities that link Indian institutions with Oxford; and
  • Undertake outreach activity and build networks.

Long-term, we seek to:

  • Provide scholarships for Indian postgraduate students; and
  • Facilitate new collaborations through travel grants.