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IIT Roorkee SPARK International Internships 2022 Open for Applications

The SPARK International internship programme at IIT Roorkee is open for applications for summer 2022. The programme is open to students at universities outside of India, and is exclusively for students pursuing technical degrees.

IIT Rookee's SPARK internship programme has been offering international projects since the summer of 2021 and based on the success of these internships is again offering projects for summer 2022. The SPARK International programme is offered 'online', and with a short fellowship (for which students are provided with a INR 2500/week stipend) in India during June-July.

Successful students will work on a specific project during the internship period and a the list of available projects is advertised for applicants to choose from at the time of application.

The closing date for applications is Saturday 5th March 2022