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MaatHRI FoCUS protocols and tools

In collaboration with Oxford's Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility, the MaatHRI Project has developed and validated a focused cardiac ultrasound method for low-resource obstetric settings. MaatHRI FoCUS protocols and tools are freely available to download online.

Download MaatHRI FoCUS protocols and tools

MaatHRI (Maternal and perinatal Health Research collaboration, India), is a UK-India collaborative platform for maternal and perinatal health research, established and led by Associate Professor Manisha Nair and funded by her MRC Career Development Fellowship and MRC Transition Support Award. MaatHRI is currently undertaking large epidemiological studies to improve pregnancy care and outcomes for mothers and babies. It is also a training platform and can be used by PhD students and early/ mid-career researchers for undertaking research in India.

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